Why Using Locations is Important on Instagram

Instagram has a handy tool within the app called location tagging. This allows your post to be geotagged at whatever location, restaurant or landmark the user is at. 

By tagging your location, this filters users post into the tagged location feed. If you are a business account or a lifestyle blogger this can be a helpful tool!

Why Using Locations is Important on Instagram.jpg

1. It Connects People in the Area

If you are a local business and are trying to establish your presence, location tagging is a great opportunity to make some online noise!

By tagging your business in Los Angeles, California, other users searching the Los Angeles location feed can discover your posts easier. 

Targeted Posts on Instagram.jpg

2. Targeted Posts 

If you are a business and are trying to target people in your area, you have endless users that have also tagged posts in that area at your fingertips!

As a business, you can search for locations and engage with users in the area. 


3. Utilizing IG Story Locations 

Have you ever wondered why your Instagram stories get more views than some of your posts receive likes? That’s because when users view stories there is no click-through rate. Stories autoplay allowing Instagram users to watch content without even touching their phones. 

Let’s face it, people are lazy. We can breakdown engagement and click-through rates all we want, but the point is your IG stories are important and can help with reach! By tagging your location on an Instagram story, you are increasing the visibility of your post. 

Overall, location tagging is important for increasing post visibility but there are many additional strategies that work in conjunction to boost your post discovery.