How To Write An Engaging Business Instagram Bio

This step might be one of the most crucial steps in regards to first impressions.

Potential customers and followers will view your account for approximately 10-15 seconds before they pass judgement and make a decision. If you can’t peak their interest in seconds, your account will be overlooked.

When writing your Instagram bio, you want to first start off with what your company is known for and what you do. This will give users a quick synopsis of what to expect if they follow your account. Essentially, the people want to know “what’s in it for them”.

For example, if you own a bakery, you want to come up with something short, sweet, creative and catchy to state what you do. Instead of writing Bakery Owner in your bio, come up with a short, creative depiction of your company like Local Sweet Treats or Espresso Addicts.

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Next, you want to include personal information about you or the business. This could include your company’s mission statement, cause, or what makes the company different. If you are your brand, include information about yourself.

For example, if you are a doctor or physician, include your specialty or any other certifications.

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Adding your store’s address or business location in the bio is great for companies that rely on foot traffic or in-house appointments. Franchises and online businesses often prefer to leave this section blank.

Lastly, you want to include a call to action! For example, if you’re running a campaign ie online courses, sales, boot camps etc, direct users to click your website linked in your bio to drive more traffic to your link. This is more effective than a regular post because your bio is the staple piece to your account.

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If you aren’t running a specific campaign, place your company’s website here! You can monitor the amount of clicks you are receiving by viewing your business insights.

Remember, you have limited space to complete your bio, so make every word count!

Additional Business Information To Include:

With a business account, you are given the choice to include contact options. We suggest you utilize this feature as users can directly get in contact with you with the click of a button. Set up your email, phone number, and company address!