7 Tips That Will Help You Gain More Loyal Instagram Followers

7 Tips That Will Help You Gain More Loyal Instagram Followers .jpg

There are a number of ways to present content to your online community.

If you are a business, keeping your followers updated is important. By posting regularly on your Instagram feed, your dedicated customers are knowledgeable of specific sales, events, and other happenings.

However, if the content you post isn’t high definition, in poor taste, too redundant and not professional your business will lose credibility on Instagram.

That’s why many businesses are in the practice of creating professional content or hiring out to create content along with strategizing their feed. They are adopting the “blogger mentality.”

Bloggers or personal accounts are well-known for their aesthetic, captions, and articles outlining their area of expertise, whether it be healthy living, traveling, or even cooking! These accounts often focus on the look of their feed as a whole, along with posts individually. If we were to break down the core values you should take away from these accounts, this is where we would start.

Each Post Should Bring Value and Have A Purpose

The point of this practice is to bring value to each post. Why are you posting that image, graphic or video? Tie it all in with important messaging. You never know what post will go viral or who will see it. Don’t post fluff, post content that matters that brings value to your followers. Your content should ALWAYS reflect your brand.

Brand Identity

What value do you bring to your followers or online community? At the end of the day, what makes you or your company different? Why should someone believe in your brand? Asking these questions will help you create a stronger brand identity for your company. It will also reflect in your posts.


Don’t get caught up in the same routine. Posting the same or similar content doesn’t hold as much weight as fresh new looks. Always be thinking outside the box and come up with new ways to visually represent your work.


This can mean a number of things. Are you an account that only posts about the environment or fly fishing? Stay true to your theme. If you begin posting different content that doesn’t align with your baseline, you will lose followers. Remember, your followers started following you for a reason! Don’t start switching up your content on them!



Saved presets save so much time! If you're looking for a clean feed with the same orange hue, grain setting or high contrasts on ALL of your photos, this is your lifeline!

Presets allow you to copy and paste edits onto new posts. This gives unique photos the appearance of matching your feed without having to limit yourself to only taking photos against a white wall.

Professional looking presets can get a bit pricy, so if you don’t have the marketing budget, download a couple photo editing apps and start exploring!


Talk To Your Audience

Engage, engage, engage! Your online following is more likely to convert to customers if you talk to them. Make them feel important and answer their questions! That’s one of the many perks of social media. It makes online users feel closer to their favorite brands and companies.

Have Fun

Come up with new strategies and test it! Your followers will appreciate you thinking creatively.