7 Reasons Why Social Media Is Beneficial For Your Business

7 Reasons Why Social Media Is Beneficial For Your Business.jpg

Get with the times and make sure your business is on social media.

Social Media Improves Brand Awareness

Social media marketing is important for your business. It's a great platform to let the world know about your company! About 91% of marketers have claimed their social marketing efforts increased their brand visibility.

Social Media Engages With Your Customers
Social media is a great way to engage and interact with customers. You have a better chance of conversion if you communicate and include your audience.

Social Media Improves Brand Loyalty

If your brand isn’t on social media, it’s arguable that your company doesn’t even exist. Did you know 80% of people are more willing to invest in YOU if they’ve seen you on social media. Additionally, 1 in every 4 users reportedly follow their favorite brands with possible intent to purchase (Forbes, 2018).

Social Media Increases Online Traffic

One of the benefits of social media is that it increases your website traffic. By sharing content on social platforms, you’re giving users a reason to click-through to your website. 

Social Media Allows Brand Authority

Social Media is key for making your business more powerful. When customers see your company posting on social media and interacting online, it helps build a positive image in their minds. 

Social Media Creates Marketplace Awareness
One of the best ways to find the needs and wants of your customers instead of directly communicating with them is through marketplace awareness. Because of this, social media platforms can be considered a valuable advantage. By observing the activities on your profile, you can see customers’ interest and opinions that you might not have known otherwise if you didn’t have a social media presence.