2 Guaranteed Ways To Gain More Real Followers on Facebook

This is a tricky topic.

Originally, making noise on Facebook was an easier objective to accomplish. Nowadays, companies are all screaming into the online abyss at once with nobody listening. There are around 1.7 billion active Facebook users, which can make standing out feel impossible.

Quantity of followers on social platforms is a vanity metric if you aren’t engaging with real people with potential of conversion. However, in the digital age, credibility can stem from follower count. But there are a number of aspects that must be considered when building your page and demanding marketplace authority.

Therefore, we’ve created a handful of steps that businesses can follow to take your Facebook page to the next level.

  1. Post Good Content Frequently

This is easier said than done. With smartphones at our fingertips, everyone thinks they are a photographer or videographer. Trust us, leave it to the professionals. If you have a marketing team or budget, we suggest you coming up with a content strategy and then implementing it. Random posts with no meaning hold little to no weight.

You want your audience to get involved and find value in your content. Remember, you are the one selling you and they are thinking “what’s in it for them?”

Once you have a strategy and purpose to posting, it’s time to create! Hiring professional photographers, videographers, or content creation companies are the most effective and time-saving way to create high quality content. We understand… you spent the entire summer fiddling in photoshop or you took a photography course in college, but trust us, leave it to the professionals.

Once your quality content is created, it’s time to implement your strategy and schedule! Posting frequently is key because it keeps you reverent. Don’t overwhelm your online audience by posting too much! Find your happy medium and post at least a couple of times per day.

2. Campaigns and Launching Ads

Over the last few years, Facebook has become a pay-to-play platform. Meaning, gaining organic engagement on posts can be difficult. Organic reach has dropped exponentially over the years, currently reaching an estimated 2% of those connected with your page.

Come up with a campaign strategy that centers around your company, mission statement, or an upcoming project that you are working on. Create engaging and quality content around the messaging. This can include video, photos, and graphics. Keep your designs and messaging simple, clean and to the point.

Content with heavy text will be flagged or not approved for advertisement because Facebook analytics have confirmed that users don’t respond well to content with heavy text.

Running Facebook Ads can be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. Before running ads, you must understand your target demographic, their interests, their location, tags and more. Once all the information is filled out and the ad is launched, be sure to frequently check your ad metrics and analyze what tactics are working and what aren’t. This will help you understand your audience and better communicate with them.

Little Facebook Hack: For accounts with under 100k likes, you are able to invite Facebook users to like your page. This includes your personal Facebook friends or even users that have previously liked your company’s posts. At the end of every work day, view the users that have liked your most recent content. If some of the users liked your content but haven’t liked your page, Facebook allows you to invite them to like the page!

The purpose of this is to invite users that have previously liked your content to see more of your content by connecting directly to your page.

2 Guaranteed Ways To Gain More Real Followers on Facebook Hack.png

Invite — This is the new button I haven’t seen before. Clicking on this will invite the person who engaged with your post to Like your page.

Liked — These are the people who have Liked your page already.

Invited — These are the people who you have sent an invitation, but haven’t yet accepted.