TriOdyssey is a sibling owned and operated Social Media Content Creation and Digital Marketing Agency. Everything we do is in support of making a difference in our client's and customer's lives. We specialize in branding your company, creating a new content strategy, developing original content and online growth.


Our company was founded on the odyssey. Life itself is a journey, everyone is on their own route at their own pace. The destination is inevitable, but the odyssey is what shapes us into the people we become.


Christian Phelps, Co-Founder


Hey guys, my name is Christian. Ever since I was a little kid all I wanted to do was take pictures and record video with my Dad's Camcorder. That love traveled with me into high school and through film school at California State University Northridge. My sister and I founded Triodyssey in 2015 while I was in college, and after graduating in 2016, It had become my number one goal to help businesses and causes grow. Imagery is an unparalleled art form in today's online world, and I hope to use old and new skills alike to make a difference in people's lives.  


Taylor Phelps, Co-Founder


Born and raised near the coast of Southern California with Los Angeles at an arms length, I've had the opportunity to fall in love with many passions including the ocean, mountains and content creation. Oddly enough, I knew growing up that my brother and I were destined to work together. We've always enjoyed thinking creatively, strategizing, and designing, whether it be implementing a new process for a client or building a tree fort. Our goal is to inspire and create a community of togetherness. To see Triodyssey develop from a concept to reality has exceeded my wildest dreams.